Dream English Kids英语启蒙视频20


美国Dream English Kids 英语启蒙儿歌 和Matt叔叔一起学英语
1、Learn Numbers 20集
2、Math Songs Sing and Learn Math 13集
3、Christmas Songs for Kids Jingle Bells and more 8集
4、Days of the Week Songs 6集
5、A to Z English -Alphabet and Phonics Songs 4集
6、Food and Health 11集
7、Learn Colors with these fun Songs 19集
8、Learn Animals 23集
9、Learn English Curriculum -I Can Do Anythiing 9集
10、Little Flyers!Let your Learning take off 11集
11、What Do You See Songs Learn English Vocabulary Kids English 14集
12、Opposites Songs 5集
13、Finger Family Songs with Matt 15集
14、The Tortoise and the Hare A Musica Tale 4集